Come home to Mommie!

About Us


he language approximating English as it is spoken by the people of Singapore is full of abbreviations. From 4D to YOG there is a guide to them on Wikipedia. In 2008 a new initialism entered the Singapore lexicon with the opening of DYMK.

DYMK comes from the initial letters of Does Your Mother Know? The abbreviation itself serves to hide this information from unknowing mothers.

Ironically, DYMK is embodied in Mommie, who brandishing her feather duster (traditionally used to discipline wayward children) oversees the merriment at DYMK through her strict cat eye spectacles.

Featuring original artworks, old fashioned wooden settees, and cheery staff, DYMK is a cosy and comfortable home away from home, where you can meet your friends for drinks and ask them “Does Your Mother Know?”

We are open everyday!

So there’s no excuses to visit! We’re happy to serve you at these times:

  • Sun-Thu 8pm-12mn
  • Fri 7pm-1am
  • Sat 8pm-2am

Visit us at:

41 Neil Road
Singapore 088824

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