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Art@DYMK – Episode II: The Clones of Music by Darren Sim

As a crazed science-fiction fan, Darren Sim used to wonder about the clones and troopers in the Star Wars universe. Clones were bred for a single purpose. Yet, they too must lead individual lives – they fight, eat, sing, hurt, lose their tempers and of course… love.
Are we so different? We like to think …

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art@DYMK: Solitude by Miak Siew

Journeys, literal or metaphorical, are solitary endeavors. We may be standing next to each other, taking in the same scene, but we may not see the same things. We live in our own worlds in our heads, and we do not know each other’s thoughts – we can only try to articulate them, often in …

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art@DYMK: Black Light District

Black Light District is a visual take into the cruising and clubbing scene within the local gay community. Subjects which are considered underground in the early development of queer culture, the works explore how they have evolved to today.

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Art@DYMK: Send in the Clones by Darren Sim

I came to photography late and started to take pictures in 2007 – as a means of recording my travels. It was on a trip to Tokyo and I have been mercilessly snapping away ever since. It was only recently that I discovered this macro world of toy photography. The ’shot’ itself can be time …

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Art@DYMK: Baby, It’s Cold Outside by Marc Tan

Celebrate a White Christmas at DYMK. Starting on Thursday 16 December there will be an exhibition of Winter Photographs of the French Alps and Lake Geneva by Marc Tan. Snuggle up to the season at DYMK coz baby it’s cold outside!

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Art@DYMK: Saigon by Ken Lim

Ken took up photography in February 2009 after being inspired by the many inspiring images produced by photographers he had worked with as a part time model. As a Mathematics graduate who failed art miserably in secondary school, he was surprised to find a creative side to him when he took up this art form. …

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