art@DYMK: Solitude by Miak Siew

Journeys, literal or metaphorical, are solitary endeavors. We may be standing next to each other, taking in the same scene, but we may not see the same things. We live in our own worlds in our heads, and we do not know each other’s thoughts – we can only try to articulate them, often in words, so that others may have a glimpse of what we are thinking about.

Photography is another way of presenting what we see, and what we think – instead of words, we use images. The thing is, even in the perception and interpretation of the photographs, we are alone in our heads, alone in how we see and think.

About the photographer

Miak Siew is a full-time pastor at Free Community Church. His interest in photography developed along side his time in seminary in the United States where he found that photography can be very spiritual in helping him hone his connection with the world around him, and noticing the details. He continues to dabble in photography as a spiritual discipline that keeps him sane. He can be reached at

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