Art@DYMK – Episode II: The Clones of Music by Darren Sim

Episode II: The Clones of Music
As a crazed science-fiction fan, Darren Sim used to wonder about the clones and troopers in the Star Wars universe. Clones were bred for a single purpose. Yet, they too must lead individual lives – they fight, eat, sing, hurt, lose their tempers and of course… love.

Are we so different? We like to think of ourselves as individuals, unique, one of a kind. But the more we grow, the more we seek, the more it is apparent that we are the same.

In this second exhibition, a common thread on how the clones spend their free time emerge – from celebrating holidays, musical expression to writing love letters. Clones need a time out too!

For the clone in all of us.

About the photographer

Darren came to photography late and started to take pictures in 2007 – as a means of recording his travels. It was on a trip to Tokyo and he has been mercilessly snapping away ever since. It was only recently that he discovered this macro world of toy photography. The ‘shot’ itself can be time consuming but he likes the fact that he can have almost total control – it gives him comfort, in a world where life seems to be constantly spinning out of control.

You can find Darren and his photos at

Episode II is Darren’s second exhibition at DYMK. His first exhibition was sold out.

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